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Start-up funding EUPLANTCROPP

Start-up funding EUPLANTCROPP

Start-up funding EUPLANTCROPP

We received start-up funding of the local Dutch authority Holland Rijnland. This collaboration of 14 communities in the greater area of the City of Leiden aims at, amongst others, stimulating smart growth of the Dutch Greenports, Duin- en Bollenstreek, Boskoop and Aalsmeer. The funding enables EUPLANTCROPP to employ a project manager. He will focus on three major tasks:

  1. Initiating 10 user-based, international, R&D-projects directed to sustainable crop protection, which are related to the Greenports mentioned above;
  2. Setting-up an independent, international, certification system of R&D-proposals prepared by the expert team of EUPLANTCROPP;
  3. Managing and developing the Association EUPLANTCROPP, which has its’ headquarters at the City of Leiden (NL).

The manager started his activities already. He organised the administration at the headquarters, which are hosted by Driehoek Research Support. In addition, he published an article in the Dutch Newspaper Trouw. The article stresses the importance of collaboration among stakeholders to achieve sustainable crop protection in daily practice.

Opiniebijdrage Trouw

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