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Users indicate a specific crop protection problem. A case-manager is assigned based on the crop protection problem indicated. The case manager develops together with the user an appropriate research strategy fitting its’ needs. Each of the case managers is an expert of specific crops and their pests and diseases. A research strategy includes one, or more, of three major building blocks of a strategy: (i) use of plant sources and extractions, (ii) exploring extracts and compounds for plant protection efficacy, and (iii) exploring efficacious extractions and compounds for safety and food quality.



Proof-of-concept of a novel, inherent-safe, bio-fungicide to control fungi in vegetables. The project employs an approach of, (i) compilation and validation of a short list of 10 plant compounds suitable to control common pathogenic soil fungi in vegetables, (ii) development of bio-adhesive polymer-based micrometric beads loaded with the selected bio-active compound, (iii) testing the efficacy and safety of the prototype of the bio-fungicide extensively in-vivo under semi-controlled conditions, and (iv) testing efficacy and safety of the prototype of the bio-fungicide in commercial settings. The requirements of registration are taken into account executing all the tests.


Development and validation of a bio-based source for the agro-chemicals industry. The project employs an approach of, (i) bio-remediation of waste of the food industry, (ii) extraction and purification of the bio-remediated material, (iii) testing on efficacy of the bio-material, (iv) testing on safety of the bio-material, and (v) synthesising all the data generated in business cases. The project should result in production of 1-3 biomaterials at semi-commercial scale.


A proof-of-concept of an efficacious processing of ornamentals grown in greenhouses to produce pure essential oil for cosmetics, in which pure means:

  1. pesticide-free growth of plants
  2. growth in a climate neutral greenhouse
  3. use of green processing technology
  4. an absolute of the highest quality

Mastering each of these challenges and subsequent scaling up will result in a sustainable, bio-based, value chain of cosmetics in Europe.


We envisage that a successful execution of the three projects indicated here will result in a continuous flow of R&D-projects initiated by the needs of private and public users.