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European Plant metabolites platform of Crop Protection: a 4.0 research infrastructure providing an eco-metabolomics approach to crop protection.


Organisation Chart

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We are a starting community facing the huge challenge of turning crop protection in a safe and sustainable one. First of all, we intend to be a point of crystallisation of all the, intentions, ideas, and initiatives present to make crop protection green and sustainable on the short term. Secondly, we aim at increasing our relatively small Association to one including relevant stakeholders all over Europe on the middle term. Thirdly, we aim at providing services world-wide on the long term.

The European research infrastructure EUPLANTCROPP is governed by the not-for-profit Association EUPLANTCROPP established at the city of Leiden, The Netherlands. The objective of the Association is: setting up and safeguarding a European research infrastructure to facilitate the development of sustainable crop protection on the basis of natural substances (Clause 1 of Charter).