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We agreed to set up a not-for-profit Association a couple of months ago. The main objective of the Association is to maintain and exploit the European research infrastructure we are establishing. This major objective is split into two objectives:

  1. To take over the deliverables of the Horizon 2020 project by the end of it in 2020, of which we have submitted the proposal to the European Commission in March.
  2. To set up R&D-projects with companies and academia that do not fit the Horizon 2020 project.

Objective 1 depends, of course, on a positive decision on our application. Realisation of objective 2 starts as soon as we have established formally the association.

The legal act of the association is completed at the notary in Leiden at the moment. Three out of the nine partners will found the Association to get it upon running as soon as possible. Leiden University (NL), the company Research and Innovation Management Services bvba (BE) and the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew (UK) will be the three founding partners. They will also be the first, President, Treasurer, and Secretary, of the Association, respectively. The other six partners will join the Association during 2017.

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