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Advisory Board of Horizon 2020 proposal completed

Advisory Board of Horizon 2020 proposal completed

Advisory Board of Horizon 2020 proposal completed

We are proud to announce the completion of a strong Advisory Board (AB) of the Horizon 2020 project proposed. It will provide advice on all aspects of the project. The AB will report annually to the General Assembly and at least once a year to the Management Support Team. It will also maintain an independence and initiative its own reviews into the activities of the consortium.

The AB consists of the following five people:

  1. Mrs. Dr Basto representing the farmers as representative of CONFAGRI, the Portuguese member organisation of the European Association of farmers, COPA*COGECA;
  2. Mr. Dr Cary representing companies as executive director of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association;
  3. Mrs. Prof Dr Gullino representing academic users as director of the centre AGROINNOVA of the University of Torino, president of the Italian Plant Pathology Society, and past-president of the International Society of Plant Pathology;
  4. Mr. Dr Gribbon representing the European Research Infrastructure EU-OPENSCREEN as coordinator;
  5. Mr. Prof Dr Mons representing the European Research Infrastructure ELIXIR as representative of the Dutch hub.

We are convinced this AB will provide a strong input in the government of the project with respect to various aspects:

  • the involvement of farmers being both, actual initiators of research and innovation, and the users of the knowledge generated by way of EUPLANTCROPP;
  • the involvement of companies needed to deliver novel, green, crop protection products;
  • the huge input of scientists we need to generate breaking scientific news;
  • the links to other European research infrastructures to optimise the use of European R&D resources;
  • the challenge of managing the Big Data in a FAIR way.
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